When you start you will see this screen. Click the small cog icon in the top left.

You will be presented with this screen. You need to click the “System Settings” icon

On the Left of the screen highlight ADDONS

On the Right of the screen you will see “Unknown Sources” To the Right of that you will see a slider On/Off


Slide it till it is White.

When you do that you will get a warning screen Click Yes Now the Slider should change to White.


That’s it. Now you can go ahead and install our, or any other 3rd party  Apps.

Go back to the Home Screen in Kodi 17 and you will start with this

On the left hand side, as indicated, click Add-Ons

Click the top left icon “System”



This will take us to our Zip and Repositories Option

We will Install from Zip, so make sure you download the ZIP FILE from this URL and store it somewhere where you can find it on your computer:  http://repo.mine.nu/


Click on “Install from Zip file”

Now Browse to where you stored the downloaded ZIP: And click on the Zip file.

Your IPTV-Club Add-On should now be installed.

When you fill in the order form you will be asked for a Username and Password. You will need these to log into our Kodi App

Continue with your order and select IPTV Streamline Subscription.