Unfortunately, as far as we know, only Samsung and LG TV’s have Apps which can view our IPTV Service.

There are two Apps. Smart-STB and Smart-IPTV. Smart-STB is the easiest to use and looks great on-screen. It is a simulation of the MAG Box. However it has problems when moving fast forward or backwards when viewing VOD. Also if you try and Pause the picture when you restart it could go back to the begining of the programme.

Smart-IPTV has no of the viewing problems. You can pause VOD, fast forward and rewind with no problems. But the user interface is not very good. It sometimes can be hard to select a TV station to view because unless you know how to use it properly it will display all the stations in many big blocks across the screen that you have to scroll through to find what you want. There is a way around this and it is explained in the setup instructions.

Neither of these Apps are free. Smart-STB comes with a short free trial and then it is about 25 Euro for a lifetime license. Smart-IPTV also has a few days free trial and then it is much cheaper at only about 5 Euro for a lifetime license.

How to install Smart-STB

Start the Application on your TV

When you see this screen press ENTER

You will get this screen. Now select System Setting

Select Device Info

You will get this information displayed on your screen. You need to make a note of both the Device MAC address and the Virtual MAC address.

Now you can continue with your order (button at bottom of page) and select the IPTV MAC Device Subscription. On the order form you need to write your Virtual MAC Address. You then can either purchase the Lifetime License for the App (using Euros) from us here, or go to the App website and purchase it online from them in US Dollars. Their web site is

How to Install Smart-IPTV

First you need to download the App Simple IPTV. It is available from your TV’s App Store.

Once the App is running you should see your MAC address on screen.

Make a note of it.

Now use your computer and go to:

In the “Add External Playlists with auto update” section enter the MAC address you made a note of.

After you complete your order for our service you will be given an m3u URL. It will look like this:

Cut and Paste it into the Link box. (Not this line! The one you get after ordering)

Select your country and leave all the other options empty

Tick the “I am not a robot” box

Now click UPLOAD. Your Channels will now be added to your TV.

You should see a message saying SUCCESS.

That’s it your done.

Restart the App on your TV.

Some TV’s display all the movies and TV stations together in one big list sorry about that it means you have to scroll through 1000 movies to get to the TV stations. If this is a problem please let me know and I will send you an m3u file without the movies.

The best way to use the App is to scroll through all the boxes till you find a TV station (any station) and select it.

When the picture is on the screen I think it is the up or down key that opens a list to select the next station from.

Clicking one of the coloured buttons (I think Blue) will allow you to change the station categories e.g.: Entertainmentnewsdocumentaries etc.

Then select the next station to watch.

Now Continue with your Order and select the IPTV Streamline Subscription