To view our service on an Enigma2 Satellite receiver you need to install our app.

This is easily done automatically.


  • Please Telnet to your receiver and enter this line:

  • opkg install

  •  You can copy and paste it.

  • This line works fine on most newish Enigma2 receivers.

  • For older receivers such as the DM800 or equivalent you may need this line:

  • opkg install

If you need to remove the App at any time just enter this line to remove it completely:       opkg remove XtreamTV

Once the App is installed and working you should see a Device ID in the top right corner of the screen.

This is the ID you need to enter when you complete your order form.

If you cannot see any Device ID select Settings then Info, You will see a virtual MAC there. Please enter that address.

We also have other versions of this App for other types of receivers.

If neither of the above App versions work let us know the make and model of your satellite receiver so that I can send you the correct version.

Now continue with your order and select IPTV Enigma2 Device Subscription.