Using our own IPTV-Club Android App

  • On your Android device please open a Web Browser and go to the following address:     http://and.mine.nu/tvbox.apk
  • The App should start to download and install itself.   If it does not click on the APK file.
  • Please answer YES to any prompts and our Android App should complete the install.
  • Once the App has been installed when started it will request a username and password.
  • These will be the Username & Password you enter in your free trial Order.
  • Now proceed with your order and select “IPTV Streamline Subscription


  • Download and install the App from Google Play Store
  • Open the app
  • Top left is the menu icon. Click it
  • From the menu screen select “Xtream Codes API”
  • Click the “+” button on the top right
  • For the Playlist name put anything you want
  • The server name is: http://mgc.mine.nu:81
  • The Username & Password is what you enter in your Free Trial Order.
  • Then click “Add” The new connection should show together with a sample one.Click your new connection you have just made

    Now you have the option for “Live” which is the live TV stations

    Or “VOD” which is the Movies and Box SetsTV Archive is the 8 day catch up service for the stations listed.

    Every time you start the App click “Update EPG” to get the latest info.

Now proceed with your order and select “IPTV Streamline Subscription