How to add Our Portal to your MAG Box


Firstly ,Connect the Mag Box to your TV and Internet then do as followings :

Go Menu—Settings—System Settings

Then go to


Set Portal 1 as :  (Double check the spelling is correct)

Make sure that there is nothing entered in Portal 2.

Pressing OK/Select will save your data.

Now select — Restart Portal

The Box should now restart amd the Loading Portal screen should show.

A yellow line should go across the screen, it may take a minute. It is loading all the stations from our server.

Once the stations have loaded you should see this screen and be ready to start watching.

Now click the button below to continue to your order and select MAC device subscription.

When you fill in the order you will be asked to enter your Box’s MAC Number.

You will find this on a sticker on the bottom of your Box.